About the Blog

This blog is the home of the St. Louis Public Library team for the Missouri Book Challenge. The Missouri Book Challenge is a friendly competition between libraries around the state to see which library can read and blog about the most books each year. At the library level, the St. Louis Public Library book challenge blog is a monthly competition among SLPL staff members and branches. For the official Missouri Book Challenge description see: http://mobookchallenge.blogspot.com/p/about-challenge.html

Participation Rules

1. Competition year runs from September-August

2. All books blogged about must have been read (or finished) since the beginning of September.
Magazines, blogs, newspapers, and picture books don’t count. Audiobooks, e-books, graphic novels, juvenile & YA books do count.

3. You can only count the pages you’ve read. For example, if you only made it halfway through a really dull 400 page book, you can only count the 200 that you read.

4. Posts must include:
  • A review of the book, including a brief plot description (NO SPOILERS!) and a basic critique or analysis. This doesn't need to be long--just make it long enough to let us know what the book's about and what you thought of it.
  • The book’s title, author, and number of pages. If reading an eBook, consult the online catalog for number of pages since pagination varies between electronic devices. For audiobooks, mention how many hours, and how many pages are listed for the book book version.
  • Labels, including your name and any pertinent descriptors, such as fiction, young adult, paranormal romance, etc.
  • Cover art is optional. However, if you choose to include cover art, try to find the edition owned by the library, or the edition you read if not owned by the library.
  • Posts must focus on the book and not the library or your personal life. Keep your language family-friendly!
5. Winners will be chosen for each month according to:
  • Most pages read
  • Participation points
  • Random drawing of active bloggers (that's right, if you blog ONCE in a month about a single skinny graphic novel or YA book or book of poetry, you could win a prize!)
6. Participation points are awarded for these activities:
  • One point per book read and blogged about each month
  • Two points per book with titles that include a character's name - subtitles not included  (please tag these with "character's name")
  • Two points per book that features a pirate (please tag these with "pirate")
  • Five points are awarded to anyone who blogs about a fiction book, non-fiction book, young adult book, and a graphic novel in a single month