Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Fame Thief

The Fame Thief by Timothy Hallinan  (Book 3 in the Junior Bender series)   352 pages

Is every book now part of a series?   I am beginning to think so.   I get it - get your reader hooked on the characters they love and they will return.   O.K. Timothy Hallinan, you've got me.   I really like your characters so I will be looking up the other books in your series.   From old hollywood with a delicious mix of truth, fiction and paranormal activity this story is captivating.   Readers will enjoy the story, the trip through old hollywood and so many true names of actors, actresses, and gangsters that actually are telling hollywood tattles that are now known facts to be true.  Some of the characters the author tells us were based on real people just fictionalized enough to likely keep from getting sued for defamation of character.  The stories are juicy, the characters spicy and it is an excellent blend of just a little of this and a touch of that the reader in my opinion will love it.   I think middle school to octogenarians will enjoy time tripping to when we were young and the world was innocent or so we thought.  Man were we naive!   Great story.   Gangsters, Ghosts and Greta Garbo, Junior Bender you are a marvel!   Very fun read.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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