Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Great Sugar War

The Great Sugar War (The Land without Color Book 2) by Benjamin Ellefson; illustrated by Kevin   168 pages

In this second book in The Land Without Color series, Brandon finds himself in lots of trouble. He has defied his teacher, stating that the history she is teaching about the Great Grayness” is wrong, and he can prove it.

He is sent to the Principal’s Office, but instead sneaks out of school to prove his point. He runs to Grandpa Alvin’s house, but when he arrives, the house is empty. When the doorbell rings, Brandon knows he has been caught by Officer Reed, the school’s truant officer.  He manages to elide Officer Reed and heads toward the Color Factory.

One inside, Brandon finds the remains of the infamous General Droww clutching a book titled “The Great Sugar War.”  Brandon sits down to read and is soon immersed in his great-great-grandfather Otto’s adventure.

Otto is on a sea voyage, trying to make his way home. Instead he comes upon a sea battle and rescues the General, who begs Otto to help him defeat the Kingdom of Shapes.

What follows is a highly imaginative action and adventure story where the Kingdom of Color is up against the Kingdom of Shapes, where soldiers are created from sugar bubbles that form on the Earth’s surface and where giant grasshoppers are unwilling participants in the great war. Nice surprise at the end.

 The Great Sugar War” receives 5 out of 5 stars in Julie’s world.

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