Thursday, February 20, 2014


Omens by Kelley Armstrong  487 Pages

This is the first book in a new series by this author.  Olivia Taylor-Jones appears to have it made.  The daughter of a wealthy family, fiancée to an up-and-coming CEO, volunteer and philanthropist, the only glitch seems to be that she’s unsure about her career aspirations.  Suddenly, everything falls apart.  She finds out that she’s adopted and that her birth parents are notorious serial killers.  Olivia, shaken by the news and concerned about the negative publicity to her family and fiancée, leaves her home and resettles in a small town in the Chicago area, finding her own apartment and a paying job.  She also connects with her birth mother, Pamela Larsen, who is currently in jail, through Gabriel Walsh, Pamela’s former lawyer.  Pamela wants Olivia’s help in passing on information to a group that may be willing to help with another appeal, as the Larsen’s claim they are innocent.  Olivia feels drawn to help but wants to find out first if there may be any truth to their claims.  So, she and Gabriel begin to investigate the information themselves but they may find more than they bargain for.  A compelling story with just a hint of supernatural running through, this will be a big hit with fans of investigative mystery, adventure, supernatural type of stories and with Armstrong fans.

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