Sunday, August 3, 2014

Mad World: An Oral History of New Wave Artists and Songs That Defined the 1980s

Mad World: An Oral History of New Wave Artists and Songs that Defined the 1980s by Lori Majewski & Jonathan Bernstein, 319 pages.

Here's another book that I ordered for our collection. My first 10 years on this Earth were in the 80s, so you'd think that maybe my exposure to New Wave would be limited. But I had an older sister and brother, 10 and 9 years older respectively, so I heard all the good stuff through them. (Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Tears for Fears, Psychedelic Furs, New Order, to name a few.)
This book is set up in interview form, with the two authors introducing each band's section, and then various members of the bands talking about their history and the history of the song they're best known for. I was not familiar with a few of the bands, but I knew all the songs. I YouTubed each song as I read, to hear it again, and especially if the video was referenced as something special.
Almost all of these bands have re-formed at some point for reunion tours, which I wasn't aware of. Most of them have, of course, departed from their big hair and pretty makeup (at least the boys) but they still have their 80s sound.
This book was fascinating and a must-read for any child of the 80s, or for a younger sibling of a child of the 80s. Also, if you're just into New Wave, check it out.
P.S. I was a little disappointed that for the section on Depeche Mode (to this day, one of my favorite bands), they did not interview Dave Gahan or Martin Gore, instead going to Vince Clarke, one of the founding members but no longer with them.

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