Friday, February 24, 2017

Cat Speak

Cat Speak:Revealing Answers to the Strangest Cat Behaviors by Maureen Webster       32 pages  

I saw this title in the catalog and as I am a cat owner, I am always intrigued by any books pertaining to my feline family members.    A very good book that touches on many cat behaviors.     Cats are funny, they do so many things that make you shake your head and laugh at and this book explains some of those and offers explanations as to why cats do some of things they do.    It’s also the first book that told that not all cats react with delirous happy abandon when confronted with catnip it stated that while that state of joyous delirium can happen catnip can also cause some cats to react in an aggressive way or make them paranoid so don’t always expect your cat(s) to come off like extras from an early Cheech and Chong film.    It also explains that cat in a sack thing.    My cats love paper grocery bags.   One never enters the house without they take turns getting inside it and stalking each other when they try to open it or enter it.     The photography in this book is stunning.   Gorgeous photos on the cover and throughout.   My compliments to the photographer,  Phillipa Jenkins and the Door County Humane Society.     I think this book should be a must read for anyone with cats or kittens.   It is a good beginning manual to give the cat owner some clues as to what is up with their new friend.     It gives you an in on cat-ese or cat-speak as it teaches you how to gage your furry buddy’s mood by the direction of his/her ears and also of his/her tail – these are MUST KNOWs for all cat owners or cat owners-to-be.    I never knew cats could make over 100 different sounds, though, I can tell my cats by their voices even when I can’t see them.   And who knew cats have over 200 million scent receptors as opposed to humans with 5 million.    I knew they had more highly sophisticated senses of smell but that is even more highly evolved than I had a clue to.   Also, I knew cats rubbed their faces against things to leave their scent on them, but, when I see cats rubbing their flanks against something, I just thought it was the cat being cute or maybe fluffing up some loose hair to knock it loose.    I learned that there are also scent glands in cats flanks so they aren’t just scratching an itch like a bear does on a tree,  they are letting other felines know they have been there.    I see my cats touch noses and thought it was cute, but, I learned from this book that is a way that cats who know each other very well greet one another.    There are so many good things to learn about cat behavior in this book.    The best way to learn about a subject is to find the topic in a children’s book – what you are looking for will be broken down in to understandable terms and you will come away learning so much because the information will be direct and presented in a user friendly format.   This book is all that and more.   Loved it!

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