Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Travelers

The Travelers by Chris Pavone 464  pages

One of the things that drew me to The Travelers is right there on the cover: “Hitchcockian.” This was the first Chris Pavone novel that I tried to read. However, instead of the master of suspense director, I say that the story is more William Faulknerish. With its long, convoluted sentences that meander through from subject to subject, I found this novel less than enthralling.  

The other thing that enticed me to this book where the different locales in which the action (or lack thereof, depending on your point of view) takes places: Argentina, Dublin, New York City, Paris, Barcelona, the North Atlantic Ocean, and other exotic areas. It jumped around a lot, switching characters constantly until I had to re-read sections to figure out what was going happening.

I like books that make me think, but not books that cause me to struggle trying to figure out what was happening. When I think spy novel, I think edge-of-my-seat read. Unfortunately, this was a slow, tedious read for me.  The Travelers receives 1 out of 5 stars in Julie’s world.

I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for this review.

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