Friday, January 24, 2014

Welcome to Lovecraft

Welcome to Lovecraft (Locke and Key pt. 1) by Joe Hill, 185 pages
Joe Hill is a recently found author for me. Joe Hill specializes in horror fiction and is the son of Stephen King. He was suggested by fellow blogger wysterria, and the novel NOS4A2, pronounced nosferatu. I loved reading the book and quickly read everything else he had published, except the Locke and Key series. There was no personal reason for not reading Locke and Key, it was just the library didn’t own a copy. Much to my disappointment they finally bought only the first of six parts. Not wanting to read just one part I was forced to wait until now when the rest of the series has been bought and I can read it all.
The Locke and Key series revolves around a premise that certain keys, when used on the right keyholes can produce unusual results. Welcome to Lovecraft opens up with the very graphic killing of a couple people that results in the family moving to the town of Lovecraft. Bode the youngest in the family discovers a key that opens the ghost door. When you walk through the ghost door your spirit leaves your body and technically you die. But your spirit can return and revive you. From there the novel only gets weirder and creepy.
Bode is easily my favorite character as his yearn for knowledge and to try out keys brings excitement to the story. Hill’s style of writing shows through bringing you a sense of unease and foreboding as you can see what evil is in store for the characters. I look forward to continue reading the rest of this series though I know it is only going to get stranger from here.

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  1. Yay! I'm glad you're reading these! They're awesome, and scarier than I ever thought a graphic novel could be. I look forward to your reviews.