Friday, August 7, 2015


Fiendish by Brenna Yovanoff, 341 pages

Someone sewed Clementine’s eyes shut and stuffed her in a boarded up closet when she was seven years old.  Ten years later, a boy named Fisher finds her and lets her out.  Clementine doesn’t remember much of the time she was under the spell but she remembers her life as a child.  Most people don’t remember her though, except for her cousin, Shiny.  Shiny helps her remember some of the things that happened before she was shut up, like the things that were going wrong; impossible animals and stone tomatoes.  Now, things are starting to happen again and Clementine thinks that maybe she is causing it, that she caused it the first time and that’s why someone shut her up in the first place.  If Clementine and her friends can’t figure out how to stop the wrong things, they might all be destroyed.  I liked this book.  Teens who like dark fantasy will want to read it.

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