Saturday, August 15, 2015


Visitors by Orson Scott Card, 598 pages

Rigg, with his friend Umbo and sister Param, is still trying to devise a plan to save their planet, Garden, from destruction.  Rigg's double, Noxon, plans to travel to Earth to see what he can find out about the motives of the humans there while Rigg travels to the different wallfolds on Garden to try to figure out something from Garden's end that might have provoked the attack.  With their abilities to shape and travel in time, the friends should be able to figure out what is happening, but if they don't make the right decisions, Garden could end up a pile of rubble.  I really liked the last book in the series best of all of them.  I had a harder time getting involved in the first two books but this one was a little better.  I can't say that this is my favorite series by Card but it's pretty good and most teens who like fantasy will enjoy it.

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