Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ender's Shadow and A War of Gifts

Ender's Shadow and A War of Gifts by Orson Scott Card (469 and 128)

Cover image for Ender's Shadow is actually part of a six book collection that is told from other peoples perspective. I have included it here with A War of Gifts since both of these books happen concurrently with Ender's Game.

Cover image for Ender's Shadow follows the young and unbelievable character named Bean. He like all kids is exceptionally smart but there is something a little different about him. He also represents the next best chance for Earth if Ender should fail. For that reason he is pushed mercilessly toward the final conflict. I think this book was mainly written to answer the questions we are left with at the end of Ender's Game. Namely about the inner workings of battle and command school. In some ways I found this to be better but lacking that sucker punch that makes Ender's Game such a great novel.

A War of Gifts focuses on the removal of religion from the battle school trainees and their rebellion against such strict practices. I think this book is meant to be more philosophical and highlight the humanity that is being given up to make soldiers. This is also only a side novel that does not really add anything to the overall plot though both Bean and Ender are in it. It does however have a very nicely done cover.

I continue to enjoy reading Card's work in the Enderworld and look forward to reading the multitude of books still remaining.

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