Friday, June 26, 2015

The Slanted Worlds

The Slanted Worlds by Catherine Fisher, 359 pages

 Jake is still trying to locate his father through the mirror.  He ends up in World War II, during the London bombing, and nearly ends up stuck there.  However, while he's there he finds out some information that may end up helping him find his father.  Sarah has been researching the mirror but ultimately still plans to destroy it.  And of course, Venn's main objective is to save his wife.  Summer and the Shee are still a major problem but Maskelyne seems disposed to be helpful, although Venn certainly doesn't trust him.  This is a pretty good series, and this is only the second book in the Obsidian Mirror series.  Teens who like fantasy and science fiction will probably enjoy it.  I felt like the second book help up pretty well compared to the first.

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