Thursday, June 25, 2015


SEXCASTLE Sexcastle, by Kyle Starks, 204 pages

Sometimes, I just want to be entertained.  I'm not looking for depth or introspection- I just want some knowingly cheesey one-liners and ridiculous fight scenes to make me laugh.  That's kind of what this graphic novel was- a comic equivalent to the show Danger 5, if you're into that.  The main character, Sexcastle, (of course that's his name- didn't you read what I just said about this book?) is a reformed assassin who's trying to get his life right, by working in a flower shop.  Naturally, trouble still finds him.  Alot of this is an homage to cheeseball action films like Road House- so be warned.


  1. LOL- I saw it on the holds list the other day and thought, I wonder who this is for? :D

    1. Ha! That was totally me. Just picked it up off the holds shelf today.