Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Island of Legends

Island of Legends by Lisa McMann, 478 pages

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Now that the magical land of Artime has been restored it is time for Alex to focus on other things, such as rescuing Sky's mother, and defending Artime borders once again. In the meantime he practices honing his skills and and using his magic to create life as mentor used to, and to send a rescue expedition to the underwater Pirate Island. In Quill High Priest Aaron works rebuild the divide between his people and and Artime by rebuilding the wall between the two and spreading rumors of an impending attack by the former unwanteds that live there. He also discovers a hidden jungle filled with dangerous secrets that he plans to use to increase his power and cement his control over the rest of the island.

The first three books of this series were fairly good, but I was a little disappointed in this fourth book. To me some of the decisions the characters make seem questionable. This book also jumped around a fair amount with lots of characters which can make it a little hard to read at times. While not as good as some of the previous books it wasn't actually bad, there was a lot of character development, and expansion of the world that the characters inhabit. 

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