Tuesday, June 30, 2015

X'ed Out Trilogy

X'ed Out, The Hive, and Sugar Skull by Charles Burns (64, 56, 56 pages. 176 total)

Cover image for I started reading this trilogy after finding the third book sitting on a table where it did not belong. Thinking that it was a one off I gave the graphic novel a quick read. When I finished I was left thinking what did I just read. I could not make any logical sense of it. Utterly confused and seeking clarification I turned to the internet and quickly found out that there were more books. Hoping they would clarify everything I stopped my research and read them. While this helped a little with the overall plot it introduced even more weirdness. I am still not sure what this is truly about, though I have my suspicions (note: my suspicions cannot be included as they may be spoilers...).
Cover image for

I cannot say that I would recommend these books to anyone, and I would advise not to let kids read them because of adult themes. If anyone has read them and can tell me exactly what the author is trying to say please feel free to let me know.

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