Thursday, June 18, 2015

Everyone Dies In The End

Everyone Dies In The End by Brian Katcher, 252 pages

Although I didn’t think this was quite as good as Katcher’s last two books, I enjoyed this story.  Sherman is determined to become a journalist.  He has a plan and is taking a course at Mizzou over the summer before his senior year.  His plan is to find a story that will make his professor take notice, so that he can get great recommendations for scholarships when he applies for schools.  Sherman finds his story, one that seems to involve murder and mysterious disappearances.  The only problems are that the story is decades old and there may be more to the story than he wants to know, especially after being assaulted and nearly killed, more than once.  Despite these clear warnings, Sherman decides to try and uncover the whole story.  He just hopes it doesn’t cost him his life.  This was a pretty good supernatural thriller for teens.

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