Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Odd Hours

Odd Hours by Dean Koontz, 352 pages

Cover image for On his way back to his beloved town of Pico Mundo Odd is drawn to a small California coastal town by his unusual gift. Once their he begins to have a strange recurring dream of an all consuming red tide, that could signal a catastrophe that would change the world. With the help of his ghost dog Boo, a new companion who just might rival his old pal Elvis, and the mysterious Annamarie whom he trusts completely, Odd must figure out what his dream means and save the world from those who want to destroy it.

While it lacked some of the supernatural elements of some of the previous books there was enough suspense to keep me wanting to know what happens. It also seems like it is setting up events for the couple book by introducing the mysterious and very cryptic Annamarie. Overall this series is still capable of keeping readers glued to its pages. 

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