Monday, June 23, 2014

Book of Known Knowledge

Cover image for The Onion book of known knowledge : a definitive encyclopaedia of existing information : in 27 excruciating volumes / compiled and organized according to the higher principles of intellectual commerce and coercion, for the betterment of mankind and the Zweibel family, specifically ; [editor in chief, Joe Randazzo].
Onion Book of Known Knowledge by Joe Randazzle, 244 pages

At first this book looked like something I was going to speed through. Short little entries about a wide variety of subjects much like an encyclopedia. And since it is the Onion that made it, I was expecting lots of satire jokes and humor. 
As it was they could have cut out half of the articles with no real lost of context. I still found the satire and weird humor I expected but instead of breezing through it was at times a real slog. 
A note to anyone that intends to read this, make sure to read it from cover to cover as they insert some of the best jokes in the fine print before and after the main encyclopedia

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