Thursday, June 26, 2014

Handbook For Dragon Slayers

Handbook For Dragon Slayers by Merrie Haskell, 324 pages

Tilda is the princess of Alder Brook and has responsibilities. Although her greatest wish is to have time to write, she has to take care of all the day to day duties of running the lands and taking care of the people. Her mother also takes care of many things, but since her father is dead and her mother is away on a trip, Tilda is responsible for everything. When her cousin, Ivo, kidnaps her in an attempt to take over the lands, Tilda thinks that this may be her chance to give up all of the responsibility. Nobody wants her at Alder brook anyway, with her lame foot. They think she’s cursed. Her friends, Lord Parz, squire to the Dragon Slayer, and Judith, her handmaid, disagree and rescue her from Ivo. Instead of heading back they go on a quest to slay a dragon while they come up with a plan to stop Ivo from a second attempt. I really enjoyed this story. I think that most young fantasy lovers would enjoy it.

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