Thursday, June 26, 2014

Seven Wild Sisters

Seven Wild Sisters by Charles De Lint      260 pages

This is the story of Sarah Jane, a middle child, who, since meeting Aunt Lillian, has wanted to meet a fairy.  Aunt Lillian is full of tales about the fairy world and the spirits that live in Tanglewood Forest which surrounds them.  Although Sarah Jane has been hoping for this, she never really expected to come across one of the fairy people, injured.  Not knowing what to do, she carries him back to Aunt Lillian, thus embroiling her and her sisters in a war between two fairy peoples.  Kids who have read The Cats Of Tanglewood Forest will recognize Aunt Lillian as the heroine of the previous story, but this story takes place many years after the end that one.  I really liked this story and I think that most kids who like fantasy and fairy tales will enjoy it.

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