Thursday, July 9, 2015

Famous Last Words

Famous Last Words by Katie Alender, 312 pages

I loved this book.  It actually scared me.  I’m not sure why, exactly, because it’s not like it was so relatable to my life and I didn’t think it was that much better written than a lot of other books I’ve read but it had something going for it that really made it speak to  me.  Willa’s mom has just remarried an up-and-coming Hollywood producer, a couple of years after Willa’s dad’s death.  Willa is pretty much ok with this, except that she misses her dad, feels responsible for his death, and has been trying to contact his ghost to get his forgiveness.  Unfortunately it seems she may have contacted another spirit that is in her new house, and for some reason this spirit seems to want to communicate something to her about a rash of serial murders that have been happening in Hollywood.  I would definitely give this to teens who like suspense, thrillers, and horror.

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