Friday, July 31, 2015

Continuation of the Odd series

Odd Hours, Odd Interlude and Odd Apocalypse by Dean Koontz, (352, 279 and 355 pages. 986 total)

Cover image for When I first read Odd Hours and saw how weird the story lines had gotten, I started writing a post blasting the series for its severe digression from believeableness. But I held off and read the next book. Nope, not any more realistic. In fact it has slid even further down into science fiction. Again I started writing a post but deleted it unpublished, deciding to hold out a little longer. I was also in a small way enjoying the mixing of science fiction, but I was still disappointed in the turn. But then I read Odd Apocalypse and was forced to accept that if I wanted to keep reading this series, I would have to accept that it is most definitely crossing the line into science fiction.
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In Odd Hours, Odd attempts to stop a group of people smuggling in nuclear weapons. Helping him, or confusing the daylights out of him is a cagey possible clairvoyant named Annamaria. Frankly I am not sure what role she is really going to play, but she is in all three of these book and I am still clueless.

Odd Interlude takes place at a small truck stop of a town that would not be a bad place to live except for the mutant alien guy holding the town hostage and killing people.

Cover image for Finally Odd Apocalypse happens in a deserted western retreat that also seems like an awesome place to live except for the time traveling monsters and the secret cult that likes to kill people. So close.

I don't know if I can continue reading this series or not. I love Koontz's writing and I like Odd, but it takes me so long to accept what I am reading as possible that I lose interest. If this had started as a science fiction series it would not be a problem, but as it is only time will tell.

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