Monday, July 27, 2015


Reawakened by Colleen Houck 400 pages
Expected publication August 11th 2015

Lilliana Young, a 17 year old New Yorker from a wealthy family, likes to study people. Unfortunately, neither of her parents find this a suitable hobby for their daughter. While studying the crowds at the Metropolitan Museum of Art one morning, Lilliana stumbles across a tan, muscular, barefoot and bare-chested bald young man wearing a pleated skirt, who's actions and speech make Lily think he wandered away from a hospital where he was being treated for mental illness. Except that he's actually a resurrected Egyptian prince with godlike powers and a childlike bewilderness at the sights and sounds of the Big Apple. And when Lily said she'd help him find his brothers she had no idea that she would soon be taken to Egypt searching through tombs and pyramids, escaping zombie crocodiles and giant worms, flying on gigantic birds-that-are-actually-princes, in attempt to help her Egyptian prince complete a ceremony that will save mankind for another thousand years.

Well I went into it not expecting much. I thought I might be entertained a bit, maybe slosh through some sloppy insta-love, possibly love triangle stuff that is in way too many teen books nowadays. Maybe a smart heroine who turns to goo because a guy takes of his shirt. I am very happy to report that instead, I loved this book. There's no insta-love: just a slow mutual respect and understanding (you know, more like real life). There's no teen love triangle (one girl, three hot Egyptian princes, who all follow the bro code). Amon, not realizing he was transported to Manhattan or how much has changed in the world in the last thousand years, is really adorable as he tries to figure out New York City based on his ancient Egypt understanding (to a taxi he shouts "Stop golden chariot!"). Lily is a strong character who doesn't swoon just because there's a hot guy around. She makes choices: some slow and with careful thought, and some on impulse. This story has humor, adventure, and a tender romance that just might make you sniff a little at the end... until you realize YES! there will be a sequel.

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