Friday, July 31, 2015

The first five books of the Meg Langslow Mysteries Series

Murder with Peacocks, Murder with Puffins, Revenge of the Wrought Iron Flamingos, Couching Buzzard Leaping Loon, and We'll Always have Parrots by Donna Andrews. (1475 total pages)

Cover image for I am not sure how this series, and namely Murder with Peacocks, came up in the usual second floor discussions but it did. This, of course, cause a big rush on the book and created a staff waiting list. As people finished and talked about it with people from the other floors, some of them were drawn in as well. When I finally got my chance at the book I quickly devoured it. It is a light to overly light mystery series that strives in its unpredictableness.
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This series, quite obviously, follows the life of Meg Langslow. In Murder with Peacocks she is trying to plan three different weddings that all seem to happen within days of each other. Luckily she finds an escape from the bridezillas in the serial murderer who seems determined to end at least one of the weddings. Murder with Puffins finds Meg and part of her family trapped on an island as a hurricane is hitting. Of course this is not enough excitement so there is also a murder. Since all the ferries to and from the island are closed, Meg has until the hurricane lets up to solve the murder, or risk them escaping.

Cover image for Revenge of the Wrought Iron Flamingos has a murder at a craft fair with a Civil War reenactment going on at the same time. Couching Buzzard Leaping Loon sees an office prankster killed off with a huge list of suspects that wanted him dead. Lastly We'll Always have Parrots takes place at a convention, or con, for a tv series at which one of the lead characters is killed. Also someone has let loose a couple hundred monkeys and parrots just for the fun of it.

What I enjoy most from this series so far are the characters whom remind me of the ones from the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde. Quite silly at times, but still achieving the goal of the story, or solving the murder. I fully intend to keep reading this series, and as I sit here writing this review, have the next three books on the table next to me. Though I cannot help but wonder if anyone will ever question why so many murders happen around Meg.

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