Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Gone and Done It

Gone and Done It by Maggie Toussaint
275 Pages

"While planting a cherry tree, landscaper and pet-sitter Baxley Powell digs up a skull. As she waits for the cops, she dreamwalks to identify the victim. Once her findings prove helpful, the sheriff agrees to pay her for consulting, if she closes cases.A widow and single mom, Baxley needs this consulting gig. Her in-laws want custody of her daughter, so she has to be self-sufficient. Complications arise when a fresh body is found on Baxley's jobsite, planting her in the suspect pool. Concurrently, her father steps down as county dream walker, passing the honor to her. Some honor. People need help, and she barely knows what to do.With a killer dogging her heels and spirits nipping at her mind, Baxley follows her dreams."

An interesting twist on mysteries but the book can't decide whether to be humorous or serious

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