Thursday, July 16, 2015

Golden Fool

Golden Fool by Robin Hobb, 520 pages

This is the second book in The Tawny Man series.  So far, I've really liked everything I've read by Hobb and this book was no exception.  Fitz has been reluctantly trying to teach Prince Dutiful the Skill, and while he is considering the idea that letting the Skill die might be a good thing, Chade is trying to find more people with the Skill to form a coterie for the Prince.  Fitz has a lot of personal distractions, which is bad because the Piebalds are still around and people who are Witted are still being persecuted.  The Prince's betrothal may be in jeopardy, and a coalition from Bingtown wants the Six Duchies to enter into their war against Chalced.  The Queen wants Fitz's council on some of these matters and Fitz needs to keep his wits about him but when his son is acting out in town and his former lovers are vying for attention, Fitz has some trouble focusing on everything he needs to.  This book definitely was a little more based in all of the intrigue and relationships between characters but there was still some action.  Overall, I enjoyed it a lot.

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