Thursday, July 9, 2015

There Will Be Lies

There Will Be Lies by Nick Lake, 454 pages

Shelby's mom has always been overprotective, not letting her go anywhere on her own, homeschooling her, and never letting her talk to boys or men.  When Shelby is hit by a car, breaking her leg, her mom starts acting strange, even for her.  Shelby finds out that she isn't insured and her mom pays cash for the hospital bill.  When they release Shelby, she and her mom get in a car that her mom has rented and leave town.  Shelby's mom says that her dad isn't dead, as Shelby thought, but is alive and dangerous and may be after them.  However, Shelby doesn't think her mom is telling the truth and soon, Shelby finds herself in another world called The Dreaming, where Coyote tells her that there will be two lies and a truth and that she must kill the Crone and save the Child or the world will end.  This was a really good realistic fantasy novel that I would definitely recommend to teens who read.

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