Thursday, April 6, 2017

Stars So Sweet

Stars So Sweet by Tara Dairman, 278 pages

In the third and final book in the All Four Stars series Gladys is beginning seventh grade in a new school.  Although some of her friends will be there, she is nervous about meeting new people and learning a new routine.  Gladys is also prepared to tell her parents about her freelance job as a restaurant critic but is sidetracked when her aunt, Lydia, surprises her with a visit.  Gladys doesn't know what to do when her editor wants to meet face-to-face.  She is also overwhelmed with requests for help with bake sales for several school clubs.  Despite all of her troubles, Gladys finds that she's enjoying school, her aunt's company, the restaurant reviews and even the bake sales.  If she can figure out how to handle some of the problems, Gladys just might have a great year.  I really loved this series.  It's a little sweet but some parts are hilarious and Gladys is easy to root for.  This is a good pick for elementary and middle school kids who like realistic fiction.

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