Thursday, April 20, 2017

Trigger Warning

Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman                             Audio Book: 11 hours, 1 min      Hardback Book:368 pages          

These stories are meant to be triggers to the reader, tales that offer disturbing subjects meant to trip the readers’ fear reaction.   The author points out one of his friends told him her trigger was anything with tentacles she is terrified of such so yes, there is a story here with tentacles for days.   Stories found here include an imaginary lover named Cassandra, who comes to life,  a story that reminded me of Tyrion Lanister (Game of Thrones) which is interesting as the author gave these stories to George R. R. Martin to read them before he submitted them to his publisher, there is a story about a landlady of a bed and breakfast who seduces her male tenants then they disappear,  and a story of a young man who’s mother knows a lot about a lot of things as mothers do, though, her info deals with ancient alien relics and time continuum refractions with visits from Aztecs etc.     These tales are so good and told in such a smooth way even when they are describing talking skeletons, ghosts interacting with humans, devils, demons spectres, shadows and many things above, upon and below the earth that tend to make the reader cringe just a bit now and then.    Really good read.

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