Sunday, April 9, 2017

Work at Home Now

Work at Home Now by Christine Durst and Michael Haaren             288 pages          

I saw this title while perusing the Library’s website.   I thought that sounds interesting and I now feel more enlightened by work at home potential jobs than I ever had a clue about.     We’ve all heard about the stuffing envelopes or medical transcription work at home job offers, most of which are unfortunately scams but this book is genuinely certifiably real and true and offers a ton of suggestions on ways to earn money while working from home.    I had no idea there were so many legitimate categories and websites that honestly offer folks money to be a virtual assistant, blog, take surveys, join focus groups, be virtual jurors for lawyers testing their court tactics before actually stepping into court in front of a judge,    Who knew?   Omgosh, this book is great!    It even tells the reader how best to approach your boss to discuss being allowed to work from home.    So many new ideas here you will be in awe.   Online teaching, mentoring, graduate work consultants, artists, writers, brush up on your divining skills and become an online psychic or if you are really bored, there is the adult chatlines that pay per minute, for the numerically talented there are accounting websites looking for help from home,  administrative/clerical opportunities are listed, data entry of course, yes medical data entry and billing, too, phone actresses/texters, telemarketing jobs, even concierge positions, how cool would that be and especially to be able to work that from home?    It suggests becoming a mobile notary – good gig, lots of firms need documents notarized and some need notaries at all hours so flexibility there would be a must.   All sorts of diverse positions I had never thought about as being jobs you could do from home.   Make all those language classes you took in High School pay off by translating work,  proofreading, editing, what a cache of great ideas!    This book is a literal treasure trove for any one seeking work from home.    Even if you aren’t check it out you will be amazed by all the universe of virtual job opportunities available.    And they offer tips on how to submit winning resumes.    Who knew many companies looking for home workers have computers scan their resumes to look for keywords and only submit the ones that have those words somewhere within the body of the submitters resume.    Amazing.    So much info here you will say WOW over and over.

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