Monday, August 7, 2017

99 Things to Save Money in Your Budget

99 Things to Save Money in Your Budget by Mary Hance                          Paperback Book: 189 pages          

Great book!   So many good tips, and excellent websites given here.   Something I hadn’t though of before, when a recipe just calls for a little bit of something – if is an ingredient on a salad bar buy it there.   Then you only take the amount you want and don’t have extra to have to store or maybe go to waste.   Clever idea.   So simple, yet, I likely would not have thought of that.   She talks about families going to restaurants offering kids eat free, go for the gusto on couponing and take advantage of free or cheap concerts, classes, etc. offered by churches and schools.    Just because it is an amateur production doesn’t mean it won’t be good.   She promotes Libraries, too, why pay to rent DVDs, video games, or pay high cable bills when you can go to the Library and get them for free!   Gotta love her.   Love the book, too.   I will be re-reading this one.

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