Friday, August 4, 2017

Every Last Lie

Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica.  331 pages.

When Clara Solberg's husband, Nick, is killed in a car crash that leaves their four-year-old daughter, Maisie, unharmed, Clara's world comes apart. The crash is ruled an accident . . . until days after when Maisie is having night terrors and insisting that a "bad man" in a black car is after her. Now, Clara is questioning whether someone killed Nick and she starts on a desperate hunt for the truth. However, she starts to discover that she is unraveling a snarl of lies and deceit, and questioning whether she really knew Nick at all.

Told in alternating viewpoints from both Clara and Nick, in the present and in the days leading up to the car accident, this story kept me turning the pages, transfixed by the story. True to Kubica's style, the story keeps you going from twist to turn and back again, questioning if you can believe what the characters are telling you, wondering if you know what's really going on or not. The fact that the car accident happens soon after Clara has given birth to their son adds an extra element because Clara is, understandably, sleep-deprived. Combined with the grief of losing Nick, and then discovering that Nick was keeping some pretty big secrets from her, when she starts to question whether or not the car crash was an accident, you aren't sure if she's on to something, or just sleep-deprived and paranoid.   I felt this was well-written with realistic characters, and a great pageturner of a read.

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