Monday, August 7, 2017

Gone to Dust

Gone to Dust by Matt Goldman       304 pages

This debut mystery from Matt Goldman is set in Minnesota and introduces private detective Nils Shapiro, who is focused on forgetting his ex-wife and getting through another winter. When a former colleague, currently working in a neighboring community's police department, calls Nils for help on a case, Nils agrees. What he discovers is a brutal crime with the ultimate coverup: mounds of dirt from vacuum cleaners. What better way to obscure evidence, right? Right.

Now, as Nils digs into the victim's cell phone records, he finds that the most frequently called number belongs to a mysterious young woman. Is she guilty of murder? Nils is on to a good lead, but then the FBI demands that Nils drops the case, forcing he and his former colleague to take their investigation underground to discover whether this murder was a case of domestic violence or something more sinister.

The author of this book was a writer for Seinfeld, and at times, you can feel that light touch of snarky humor running through the book. I felt that Nils was well-written, although I sometimes found it hard to understand his motivations (although this is not a requirement for me to enjoy a story).  It was an interesting book and I felt it was a good mystery, with plenty of potential suspects and a few plot twists. I appreciated that it was a dark story, especially with the factor of having no evidence for Nils to go on, forcing him to do a lot of investigative work.

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