Thursday, March 9, 2017


Heartburn by Nora Ephron Audiobook 5 hours Book 179 pages

HeartburnThis is a story about a woman named Rachel who has just found out her husband is in love with another woman. As is typical of domestic fiction, hilarity ensues. This book is not new by any means, but I really couldn't tell from listening to it. It was narrated by the uber talented Meryl Streep, who did an amazing job. I felt like I really knew Rachel as a personal friend. I also felt like I was going through the stuff with her. I admire an author's ability to make me feel things so that I'm absorbed in the story. I liked the characters and the plot and I was a little shocked when it was over. In my opinion it could have gone on. The writing is hilarious and engaging. Rachel is a writer of cookbooks so there are also recipes in the book as well. Fir the sake of clarity I will say there was more profanity in this book than I usually like. That's my only complaint, everything else was good.

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