Friday, March 17, 2017

On Writing

On Writing by Stephen King.  Audiobook 7 discs; book   320 pages

My sister-in-law had told me about how great the audiobook was of this book, especially since Stephen King reads it.  I've read almost all of his books, and admittedly, had never picked up this book. Of course, now, after listening to the audiobook, I don't know why I hadn't read this book.  It's great.  And, coming away from it, I feel like I'm a better reader.

The subtitle to this book is "A Memoir of the Craft," and King takes us through his early childhood all the way through (actually, slightly past) the 1999 accident that almost ended his life.  Interspersed with his memories are details about writing as a craft, The advice that he gives is probably very useful to writers, especially beginning writers. However, what he talks about it also very helpful to those of us who are readers (just readers, not aspiring authors as well).  I frequently laughed out loud while listening to this book, but I also found plenty to reflect on, and about halfway through the audiobook, started noticing I was reading things differently.  Rather, I was noticing details in the fiction book I was reading that I hadn't picked up on before.

Even if you have never read Stephen King's books, I think this makes for an interesting listen.

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