Thursday, March 30, 2017

When All Is Said and Prayed

When All Is Said and Prayed by E.N. Joy Book 304 pages

When All Is Said and Prayed
When All Is Said and Prayed is about Paige and her life of many ups and downs. Paige has had 2 husbands, and is now desiring a third. She has had much drama in her life which can be found in previous series written by the author. This book was fine, that's the word for it. The characters, the plot, the development, all of it was just fine. The problem I had with this book was the author's shameful agenda pushing. This book does fall into the religious category, but the religion isn't the problem. I won't go into detail about which agenda was present, just the seeming lack of author integrity. The agenda was a problem because it felt like a break from the story, which I didn't want. All I wanted was to be told what happened. Reading what was an obvious attempt to have me adopt a certain belief made me feel cheated as a reader. It felt like the author stopped the story in order to tell me what to believe about a certain topic. This experience makes me wary to try another of this author's books, but we'll see.

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