Friday, March 17, 2017

The Only Tarot Book You’ll Ever Need

The Only Tarot Book You’ll Ever Need:  Interpret the Cards That Hold Your Future by Skye Alexander                          Paperback Book:  184 pages     

I enjoy reading books on Tarot.   It is so interesting to see how other people interpret the cards and to hear what led them to their associations as to the meanings of what they see in the cards.   Fascinating.    I have been mesmerized by all the types of divination since I was old enough to understand what divination is.   Tarot is an especially captivating form and while I do agree that this book is chock full of good information and certainly a worthy read, I have to disagree that it is the only Tarot book you will ever need, but, perhaps that is the author’s feeling.    There is far more to learn of what the Tarot offers and many deeper meanings to be drawn as well as additional information pertaining to the suits, but,  this is certainly a book that contains very good information as far as it goes and a good book to be read after the student of Tarot has laid the ground work by first working with their deck and getting the basics down (ie. Learn the associations of the Major and Minor Arcana).    I feel that this book would be better read not as a first or introduction book to Tarot, but, as a later reading after the Tarot reader has gotten comfortable with their deck.      Discernment of the basic interpretations can be learned from the instruction booklet that comes with all Tarot decks,  and the reader must find the deck that speaks to them to be comfortable doing readings.   This book would be a good teaching tool for someone who has been doing readings for a few years then read this book to see another view of what the cards reveal.     A good book and a good read.    Many new points of view to be found here.   

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