Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Key to Extraordinary

The Key to Extraordinary by Natalie Lloyd                 Audio Book:  5 hours, 16 minutes      Hardback Book: 240 pages                           

I love books that deal with anything on a magical or paranormal theme.     This book did not disappoint.   From the haunted graveyard to the magical stardust from shooting stars there is more than a little mountain magic at play here.   It seems everyone in Emma’s family are told their destiny through their dreams.   Great premise right there, dreams can often be very prophetic.   Most everyone has experienced that eery feeling of déjà vu at some point in their life.   Dreams can be healing, they can help us to solve or even resolve issues in our lives.   In Emma’s family, dreams give the answers to what their life’s purpose is and this has been so since ancestors going back to the Revolutionary War and before.   A journal was kept with all the family entering their destiny dream and what it meant as to their calling in life.   Emma’s time came too with buried treasure and special keys appearing in her reverie.      Buried treasure could be the perfect answer to her family’s problems because her motorcycle mama Granny is unable to keep the restaurant she has ran for longer than Emma can remember.    Bad guy land developers are buying up the land in what is left of the town,  trying to take over.   Money seems to be blinding a lot of town people to what is going on and how their way of life is at stake.    Emma’s destiny dream is about to stir up more than a batch of hot chocolate.     A fun read with Appalachian flavor.     

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