Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Stars Of Summer

The Stars Of Summer by Tara Dairman, 327 pages

The sequel to “All Four Stars” starts on Gladys’s birthday, at a restaurant that she is reviewing, of course.  She’s excited for the start of summer, looking forward to cooking and reviewing, until one of her presents is a summer spent at camp.  She is sure that her summer is ruined and even more certain of it when she receives an email from her editor asking her to find the city’s best hot dog.  Initially, camp turns out to be both better and worse that Gladys expected and searching the city for hot dogs turns out to be easier than Gladys thought.  Overall, Gladys’s summer is nothing like she hoped it would be but it may have been even better than she could have dreamed.  I love this series and am excited for the third book.  This is for kids who enjoy food and like realistic fiction.

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