Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Sleepwalker

TheSleepwalker by Chris Bohjalian, 284 pages

Lianna's mom has been missing for over a month.  Everyone is convinced that she went out sleepwalking one night and probably fell in the river and drowned.  Even Lianna believes it, although she doesn't want to.  As Lianna struggles to come to terms with her mother's probably death and help her younger sister and her father also cope, she is trying to carve out something resembling a normal life, while worrying that she or her sister may have her mother's sleepwalking problem also.  This was a fascinating book.  I wasn't completely surprised at the ending but in some ways I was relieved as I imagined even worse outcomes than the actual end, which was sad, and in some ways horrific.  People that like realistic mysteries will like this story.

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