Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Right Behind You

Right Behind You by Lisa Gardner            400 pages

Eight years ago, Sharlah May Nash's older brother killed their father to save their lives. Now thirteen years old, Sharlah has found a good home with retired FBI profiler Pierce Quincy and his partner, Rainie Conner.  Everything is good, until the call comes in about a double murder at a local gas station, followed by reports of an armed suspect on the loose . . . and it looks like the shooter is Sharlah's brother, Telly.  As they search for him, Quincy and Rainie must try to figure out why, after eight years, this young man has started killing again, and if Telly is out to kill Sharlah.

This is # 7 in the Quincy and Rainie series.  I haven't read any of the other books, but that didn't stop me from enjoying this story.  If I wasn't as familiar with the two characters, it didn't really slow me down, story-wise.  The author sets a nice pace from the beginning which slowly builds, and there are some twists and turns here, so you can't make too many assumptions about Telly and his motives.  Admittedly, I got a bit confused one or two times, but if I doubled back a page or two, things made sense (which makes me chalk that up to just reading too quickly).

I have read other books by Lisa Gardner which I liked, and in particular, really liked the audiobook of Find Her.

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