Thursday, March 23, 2017


Inheritance by Malinda Lo, 470 pages
This is the sequel to Adaptation, which I read four years ago.  When I got a little way into this one I remembered a little of the first book.  This book is clear without that story though, but reading this one before the first would probably make someone want to read the first one.  Reese and David have been adapted with alien DNA and as a result have extraordinary abilities.  They can feel other people’s emotions and can communicate telepathically.  The Imrians seem to be holding back information as do their own government.  Reese knows that what they can do is important but mostly she wants to be able to live her life and figure out how she really feels about David and Amber, the Imrian girl who she was dating.  But until they figure out how to control their gifts and uncover the secrets everyone is hiding about their adaptation that won’t be possible.  I liked this story.  This is a good science fiction story for teens.

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