Thursday, March 23, 2017


STABCO by Joe Schwartz, 228 pages

Randy and Raymond are brothers who don't have much.  They have crummy part jobs with a nasty boss.  Ray is a little simpleminded and Randy looks out for him but sometimes resents it.  When two men approach them and offer them jobs in a cult like sales operation, Raymond jumps at the chance.  Randy, reluctantly, goes along.  At one of their first stops, they encounter a kidnap victim whom the rescue and are then regarded as heroes.  This was a crazy but well told story.  It's not my usual type of fare but I liked it.  It's a type of story called transgressive fiction, in which protagonists usually find illegal solutions to problems.  Part of what I liked about the book was the bizarre nature of the story, where everything was plausible, but just a little out of the normal realm of possibility.  I would definitely recommend it to adults who like stories with a hint of craziness and a sense of illicitness.

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