Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Door In The Moon

The Door In The Moon by Catherine Fisher, 349 pages

This is the third book in the Obsidian Mirror series.  Jake has been kidnapped, pulled into the past through the mirror by someone completely unexpected.  He has a real chance at finding his father this time.  Sarah realized that Jake was being taken and followed him through the mirror. Venn has come back to himself, from Summer and the Shee, drawn by Jake’s disappearance.  Wharton, who went to find Venn, is now trapped by Summer in the Wood unless Gideon returns to Summer.  Rebecca has arrived to help Maskelyne and Piers guard the house.    Some wish to use the mirror for their own purposes, some to recover those they have lost and some wish to destroy it.  Some of these wishes could destroy the world.  This book doesn’t complete the story but it’s a solid teen fantasy series that I’m enjoying enough to look forward to the next book.

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