Sunday, March 26, 2017

I Am Haunted

I Am Haunted by Zak Bagans     269 pages                  

If you like the cable t.v. show, “Ghost Adventures,”  you will really like this book.     It is like hanging out with Zak Bagans, the lead paranormal investigator on that show and he is telling you all these different things about himself and his life.    A good read.    Zak has a really strong sometimes in your face personality and this book gives a lot of answers as to why he is who he is and why he does what he does.    He divulges some of his biggest fears here too.   I won’t spoil it by sharing them with you, but, you will likely be surprised like I was.    Just adds to they mystery that surrounds him.   It also lets you know why he seems driven to communicate with spirits and to help the people who contact him for help in dealing with hauntings in their environments.    Zak is a very deep person, an empath who picks up on the emotions of others, spirit, human or animal.   You’ll learn who his best friend is, and that he is into vampires.   More on that in the book, he’s also a fang bearing bonafide member of the Sabretooth Vampire Clan in Paris under Father Sebastiaan, see lots of gems to be gleaned here for Zak fans.    Zak even had a  dungeon built in his basement so that when he needs to get away and decompress he can go down there.   Zak has lived a lot of places and currently lives in Las Vegas.   He even mentions how he used to love coming to “the Darkness” here in St. Louis in Soulard until he had a bad experience here with a fan.   He still thinks “the Darkness” is the best event of its kind and while he loved coming here and being a part of it and looked forward to it, after the bad run-in with the fan he talks about in the book, he says he won’t ever participate in it again.    Bummer.   He has a respiratory problem he developed from going into a lot of the haunted places at the beginning season of the show.   Aaron always work a mask and Zak didn’t because he thought the audience wouldn’t understand what he was saying and wouldn’t be able to see his face.    He regrets that now because his health paid a big price for his vanity.   The poem, “Ghost,” by Robinson Jeffers really speaks to him.    He doesn’t believe that Ouija boards are just games.   They can open communication with spirits and not all spirits are kind.   He has a lockdown hangover for 3-5 days after doing an investigation and has to recooperate.    He doesn’t go out a lot any more because he is so haunted by spirits all the time, when he has time away from the show he likes to hang out in his dungeon.    He doesn’t like having guest investigators on the show as a rule and considers the Long Island Medium a faker.   He believes there are people who have psychic abilities but he says fakes like Sylvia Browne hurt people and discredits those with real abilities.   Zak bought a house in Indiana known as the Demon House and feels there is a demonic presence that resides there.   It has even inhabited Zak’s body before.  Zak doesn’t feel spirits should be directed to go to the light and explains why he feels that way.   He has had encounters with fans that are pretty intense (check the one in West Virginia at the McDonald’s,  whoa! ).     He has trouble with relationships because of two female spirits that are attached to him.   They go after the ladies he dates even years after the relationship has ended.    He feels a creative connection to Kurt Cobain of Nirvana and Layne Staley of Alice in Chains both of whom committed suicide.    He isn’t into the suicide of it but understands how too much fame too fast can be overwhelming to an artist who just wants to play his music.    The songs he feels most in touch with these artists on are: Kurt Cobain – “Where Did You Sleep Last Night?”  and Layne Staley-“Nutshell.”    I think the spirits are driving Zak,  both of these songs seem to come from a deep low place.    Listening to them in a dungeon and getting more reclusive, do be careful, Zak.    I’m glad your peeps stay in touch with you often.

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