Saturday, July 29, 2017

Best Loved Stories

Best Loved Stories as told and sung by Jim Weiss            Audio Book:  56 minutes and 44 seconds.     50 pages

This book tells 3 stories that the Brothers Grimm researched then brought to the world though they are not the originators but the purveryors of the tales.    The stories included here are:
“The Twelve Dancing Princesses”credited to the Brothers Grimm original source not cited,  “The Sleeping Beauty” with credit for the story given to Charles Perrault  and  “Snow White and Rose Red,” also credited to the Brothers Grimm original source not cited.    Lovely telling of these stories, they are true to a copy of the stories of the Brothers Grimm I had when I was a child and I enjoyed them all over again.    Fairy tales are such good stories that no matter how old you get they still hold that element of wonder.     I highly recommend these stories again and again.    They never get old even if we do.   Good for all ages.

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