Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Shack

The Shack by William Paul Young         Audio Book: 8.5 hours   Hardback Book: 266 pages      

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book.   I had heard the premise after seeing mention of the film.   I haven’t seen the film and I don’t want to give it away nor do I want to give too much away on the book, suffice it to say I was pleasantly surprised.    The book hit me from left field with the earthly stuff that takes place.   I did not have a clue on that so WOW factor there.   I did not see that coming until it was in front of me.   It is a very emotional story.   Lots of ups and downs and contemplations thereof.    I enjoyed many of the concepts,   thought the characters and representations of the triune God very well developed and the arguments pro and con very well thought out.   I have to say, to me, the horror of something that happened did not seem to be answered but glossed over.   There were many discussions on it but never the extraordinary explanation that couldn’t be there because honestly how could an explanation really be understood of those incredibly awful happenings in such a way as a human mind could undertake to understand such atrocities?   Some reasons were given as to why a person becomes a monster and why a monster preys on the innocent but I kept feeling like somehow I wanted or needed the characters of the Godhead, the Supreme Beings of the Universe to tell me more in this story.   Now don’t get me wrong, they tell a lot and say many thought provoking things and offer great understanding of some very hard to decipher topics but while I liked the book and liked the characters, I felt like the relevant issues was ice and the characters were skating on top of it and all around it.   Talking about it but not aggressively giving any comfort for the awful picture you are left with even after all is said and done in the story.    I did like the book.    I liked all the characters but somehow I was left feeling the burning question was never answered though I know it was addressed in several different ways.    I am glad the story was fiction but in real life when you hear of such things my mind always goes to the suffering of the one involved not the peace of no more pain when the crossover occurs, though that is very important for the comfort of the souls involved.    The book was written for the catharsis of the Young Family to cleanse and reunite them all after a long dark spell the family went through from there friends were given copies who had friends who wanted copies and it blew up from there.    Well done, Paul Young (he doesn’t go by William).

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