Monday, July 17, 2017

Once Upon a Time in St. Louis

Once Upon a Time in St. Louis: An Illustrated Trip Through the Past by David Baugher, illustrated by Marilynne Bradley      Hardback Book: 104 pages      

Great book.   I love reading about the history of St. Louis and while the history brought to life in this book is built around St. Louis landmarks and more contemporary than distant past it was fun to learn the history on them.    Little known facts for all those trivia nights here folks.     The water color illustrations gave the information a dream-like quality of the faded past especially with its hues of dark blues and browns more colors than sepia tone but still that everybody is wearing derbies and bootlegging kind of feel.    Loved it.   If you love St. Louis give it a read, you will be glad you did.   And anyone that has grown up here will remember many of them and babyboomers will remember all of them.   Good job.

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