Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Shiver of Light

A Shiver Of Light by Laurell K. Hamilton, 372 pages

Merry Gentry, exiled princess of Faerie, has finally given birth to her triplets. She was expecting twins and found out about the extra baby at the last minute. She is still unsure which of her many lovers are the fathers of the babies, but the doctors plan on doing genetic testing so that she, and they, can find out. In the meantime, the men in her life have stepped up and are taking on fatherly duties, while they all try to figure out how to keep everyone safe from her Aunt Andais, Queen of the Unseelie court, and her Uncle Taranis, King of the Seelie court. Her aunt, for once, is actually less of a problem. She wants to see her new nieces and nephew, and is behaving as well as she can for the privilege. Her uncle, however, is claiming that he is the father of the babies. Since he violated her and it was not consensual, Merry wants nothing to do with him and is doing all she can to keep his claims at bay. Unfortunately he has been visiting her dreams. While these dreams have been harmless so far, the king was once able to affect changes in dreams that translated to the waking world and his power seems to be growing. Merry must figure out how to counter his claims before too much of his power returns or she could lose everything. Fans of Hamilton will probably enjoy this addition to the series.

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