Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Manxome Foe

Cover image for Manxome foe / John Ringo, Travis S. Taylor.Manxome Foe by John Ringo, 341 pages

Manxome Foe continues the Looking Glass series with the A.S.S. (Allied Space Ship) Vorpal Blade still looking for the Grik. Along the way they meet new allies, a shadowy unaligned entity, and have lots of in depth scientific discussions that seem to get more and more above my head.

As I have emphasized with the previous books in this series this science fiction book actually gives you the science behind why things work. It doesn't just tell you a spaceship can fly, or that it has energy shields but goes into a long discussion on how they work and the semi believable science that supports it.

For that reason I really like this series. The fact that everything is somewhat supported by a possibility makes it more believable and more engaging, though the explosions and heavy doses of action help too.

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